Exporting from the Personal Address Book

Exports private entries of the Personal Address Book into a file.

Enter a name and search private entries. Search results are displayed in the private entry list. Private entries that match the search criteria are displayed.
Select private entry that you want to export from private entry list. The result of your selection is displayed in [List].
Displays the properties of the private entry that you select from the private entry list.
Removes the private entry that you select from [List].
Displays a dialogue in which you can specify where the export file is created, and exports the private entries which are displayed in [List].
The exported file is saved in csv form. The file contains the following 11 fields:
  [User name,Last name,First name,Internet Address,Description,TelephoneType1,TelephoneNumber1,TelephoneType2,TelephoneNumber2,TelephoneType3,TelephoneNumber3]

Data in these fields are separated with commas. If a field does not have data, it is left empty but the corresponding comma is added to adjust the number of fields.

Telephone type is indicated with the following English terms "business", "mobile", "home", "pager". Three telephone numbers are exported.

The following example shows a valid export file with four entries.
 Ann Andrews, Andrews, Ann,ann@amas.com,"Andrews, Morgan, Andrews Ltd",,,,,,
 John Smith, Smith, John,john.smith@acme.com, Customer contact in Acme Ltd,business, 555-123444,mobile, 010-555777666,pager, 555-111 222
 Mary Jones, Jones, Mary,mary.jones@gmail.com,,business,555-989000,mobile, 010-555 123123,,
 Peter Baker, Baker, Peter,peter.baker@hotmail.com,"Member of ""Tornado fighters"" club",home, 555654987,,,,

Displays the Help.