Specifying autoreply settings

Send autoreply To automatically send replies to incoming messages select the appropriate option in the [Send autoreply] box.
Never: Replies are not sent automatically.
If reply requested: Replies are sent automatically only if a reply is requested.
Always: Replies are sent automatically to all messages.
Message text Select the appropriate option in the [Message text] box and type the message text in the field below.
You can select one of the following message text formats:
Unformatted text: If the recipient uses Windows, select this option.
Unformatted 7bit text: If the recipient does not use Windows, or if you do not know which operating system the recipient uses, select this option.
If you select this option, enter only text in International Alphabet 5 (IA5) 7-bit format, that is, plain ASCII text, in the Message text field.
Note: You can specify that Rich text format (RTF) is used for the message text in Teamware Office client but cannot specify this in WebService.
Click to specify autoreply settings.
Displays the Help.