Modifying an Appointment

RecipientsSpecify the calendar in which the appointment will be modified.
You can add or change the calendars by clicking [Add recipient].
SubjectEnter a subject for the appointment.
Private Makes the appointment private.
Only the creator of the appointment and the owner of the calendar in which the appointment is created can view the appointment subject and description. All other users can only know that an appointment has been created for that time range. However, when an appointment has been created in a resource calendar only the creator of that appointment can view the appointment subject and description.
Dates Specify the dates for the appointment.
When you create an appointment that continues on the next day, put a hyphen "-" between the dates.
e.g. 12/31/1999-01/03/2000
You can only create one of these kinds of appointment at a time.

Note: Only single appointment is modified, not the whole set of recurring appointments.
Time rangeSelect the time range for the appointment.
You can do this by clicking the [AM], [PM], [PM1], [PM2] and [DAY] buttons.
DescriptionEnter a description about the appointment.
AttachmentsSpecify the files to be attached.

Selects the files to be attached.
Removes selected attachments from the Attachments field.
  • Clicking [Add recipient] removes any attached files.
    Specify the recipients of the appointment first, then specify the files to be attached.
  • Even if you use Microsoft (R) Internet Explorer and use of ActiveX is enabled, there are some situations (listed below) where you may not be able to use ActiveX. In these situations you need to force ActiveX off.
    • You use a mobile device and it takes a lot of time to download ActiveX.
    • ActiveX cannot be installed on the client because of limited user rights (Users Group).
    To deactivate ActiveX by force:
    1. Start Microsoft (R) Internet Explorer
    2. Click the [Tools] menu.
    3. Click the [Internet Options] command.
    4. Click [Languages] on the [General] page.
    5. Click [Add] on the [Language Preference] window.
    6. Enter "ax-no" in the [User defined] field in the [Language] window and click [OK].
    7. If less than three languages are defined, check that "ax-no" is the last item. If you define more than four languages, click [Move up] and define "ax-no" as the third item.
  • The [Remove] attachments button is not displayed in browsers other than Internet Explorer.
    Even if you are using Internet Explorer, the [Remove] button is not displayed if ActiveX is disabled.
  • If you add attachments by drag and drop and drop them outside of ActiveX control, dropped files are displayed in the screen and input content is lost. Be sure to drop files inside of ActiveX control.

Modifies the appointment according to the changes you made.
Displays the Help.