Making searches

In this dialog you can specify the criteria by which mail messages are searched. The number of found mail messages depends largely on the criteria you specify for the search; the more detailed the criteria, the fewer the mail messages that fulfill them.
Refer to the Defining search criteria page for more information on the different types of search criteria that you can specifiy.
To search for a message
  • Under Search criteria next to Date range, specify the first and last dates when the mail messages you are searching for have been sent. Note: You can use the Date selector buttons to open a dialog to select a date instead of typing the date in the fields.
  • In the Sender field, specify the name or Internet mail address of the message sender. If you specify a sender, only received messages are searched. The value of the Include messages box changes automatically to Received. You can use the Address Book and Directory buttons to search and select the sender, if the sender is a Teamware Office user.
  • In the Recipients field, specify the name or Internet mail address of a recipient. You can also use an alias or a group name, if searching for sent messages. If you specify recipients, both sent and received messages are searched by default. Note: You can use the Address Book and Directory buttons to search and select the recipient, if the recipient is a Teamware Office user.
  • In the Subject field, type in the subject of the mail message you are searching for.
  • In the Free text field, type in the text you want to search for. The criteria in this field are matched to text in messages and attached files. Note: If you do not find a message with an attachment you know you have, a likely reason is that the attachment file type is not supported by the search indexer.
  • Under Search scope, select the range of folders in which you want to search for messages by clicking the appropriate option button. By default, the range includes all folders. The names of the folders included in the current range are displayed in the Current scope list. Note: If you need to remove folders from the Current scope list, select the folders you want to remove and click the Remove button next to the list.
  • In the Included messages box, select the appropriate alternative to include either received messages, sent messages or both received and sent messages in your search. The default is Both. The selected alternative in this box changes automatically to Received, if Sender is specified as criteria.
Start the search by clicking Search.
Note: The interval between sending or receiving a message and the time when the message can be found in a search depends on system configuration and server load.
Note: Delegate users cannot search messages in private folders of the delegated mailbox.
Note:Draft messages are not indexed and therefore cannot be searched.
Click Cancel, if you do not want to start the search.
Use Clear to empty all fields and return default values.