Viewing search results

The search results window lists those messages that matched the search criteria you specified.
The result list has the following columns:
  • A column with check boxes that you can use to select one or more messages to perform one of the following commands listed below the list Move to folder, Mark, Remove mark, or Delete message. Note: You can also use the Select all command to select all messages visible on the list. If the list of found messages is longer than what can be displayed on the result list at a time, the Select all command does not select those messages that are not visible. Use Delect all to cancel the selection of all messages.
  • Mark
  • Reply requested
  • Subject
  • Importance/Priority/Sensitivity
  • Sender/Recipient
  • Date
  • Attachments
  • Folder. This column displays the name of the folder where the found message is stored.
To open and read a message, click its subject.
To make a new search, click the New search command above the result list. When you make a new search, the previous search results are discarded.