Importing to the Personal Address Book

Imports outside data to the Personal Address Book as a private entry.

Select the user data file to be imported.

The user data file has to be created in the csv form.

Each entry in the file must follow this pattern with 11 data fields:
[User name, Last name, First name, Internet Address, Description, TelephoneType1, TelephoneNumber1, Telephone Type2, TelephoneNumber2, TelephoneType3, TelephoneNumber3]

Data within an entry is separated by commas. If data is not defined, a comma must still be used to adjust the number of data fields. Line feeds are used to separate entries.

If the user data contains line feeds, commas, or double quotes, the data must be surrounded by double quotes.
An example from a description field: "Andrews, Morgan, Andrews Ltd".

If the user data contains double quotes, these data must be enclosed in another set of double quotes [""]. An example from a description field: "Member of ""Tornado fighters"" club". The name Tornado fighters is in double quotes, which must be surrounded in another set of double quotes and then the whole field must be enclosed in double quotes.

Each entry can contain upto three (3) telephone numbers. If more than three telephone numbers are specified, they will be ignored in the import. The type of a telephone is indicated by a type definition. The following types are supported: business, home, mobile, pager. The terms "business", "home", "mobile", and "pager" must be typed in lower case characters. Both the type and number must be specified for each telephone number.

Note: The English language terms "business", "home", "mobile", and "pager" must be used in the user data csv file. The Address Book user interface shows the corresponding translations in other languages after the import.

The maximum length of each data field is:
 User name 64 characters
 Last name 40 characters
 First name 16 characters
 Internet Address 256 characters
 Description 180 characters
 Telephone number 64 characters

The file name must have the extension .csv. For example: my_contacts.csv.

The following example shows a correctly formed user data file with four entries.
 John Smith, Smith, John,, Customer contact in Acme Ltd,business, 555-123444,mobile, 010-555777666,pager, 555-111 222
 Mary Jones, Jones, Mary,,,business,555-989000,mobile, 010-555 123123,,
 Ann Andrews, Andrews, Ann,,"Andrews, Morgan, Andrews Ltd",,,,,,,
 Peter Baker, Baker, Peter,,"Member of ""Tornado flighters""",home, 555654987,,,,

Imports the specified user data to the Personal Address Book.
Note: You can also specify the user data file by typing the file name in the field and clicking the Import button.
Displays the Help.