What is Teamware Notifier

Teamware Notifier, a Windows application, receives notices from Teamware Office Service.

You can receive notices about new messages and calendar appointments. For example, for arriving new messages,
the notice window opens and shows title, sender and other information about the message.

You can read the new message in the browser opened from Notifier.

You have also a list that displays received notices and reminders in the Notifier main window.

Installing Teamware Notifier

If you do not have the exclusive client for Teamware Office you can install Teamware Notifier. The setup program for Teamware Notifier is available in Teamware Office Client CD (folder clients/english/webnoti)
Run the installer on your workstation to receive notices.

If you need to enter the server name on installing, ask it from your system administrator. You can also change this
server name on Notifier Preferences window after installing.

To complete the installation follow the instructions on the screen.