Display settings function list

You can design your pages by selecting parts to be displayed on the top page, specifying color, and other settings.

Administrators may prevent users from modifying display settings in the following cases.
  • There is no Display settings link at the top of the window. In this case, administrators have prevented modification of all display settings.
  • Some buttons in the Display settings window are disabled. In this case, administrators have prevented modification of these settings.

Modifying display settings
Page settings You can select the following alternatives using radio buttons.
  • Default settings
  • Personal settings

In the case you selected the Personal settings radio button, you can change the following items using check boxes and radio buttons.
Note: If you have activated Personal settings and then re-select Default settings radio button, the values of each setting are not returned to their default values. If you want to see the values of default settings, do the following. Select Default settings and save this settings pushing Save button. After this, open the Display settings window again and you can see original values of the default settings.
Color scheme You can specify the color scheme used on pages.
Top page You can specify parts you would like to be displayed on the top page by checking the check box in front of each part name.
Initial Calendar view   You can specify the initial calendar view on Calendar service page.
Timetable interval   You can specify the interval in timetables in the week calendar of a user and the day calendar of a group.
Saves the settings then closes the Display settings window.

Note: If you select Default settings, your pages are displayed using settings defined by administrators. In this case, any disabled settings are not saved. Only if you select Personal settings, settings you specified in this window are saved.
Note: Saved settings appear after you close all browser windows and login again. In the following cases it may take about 20 minutes before the new settings take effect.
  • Your Teamware system has multiple servers in your site.
  • Your Teamware opens multiple ports for HTTP.
  • You use Teamware via a proxy server.

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